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Date: April 27, 2000

Richard <name withheld>
Lyons, CO 80540

Subject: Experience with the Maple Snack Bar and McCobb's Chili Sauce

My wife and I attended Butler High School during the 1950's, and one of our enjoyable, and regular, experiences was driving down to the Maple Snack Bar and getting some Texas Wieners - "All The Way", and draft birch beer.

After high school, I went to college in Pennsylvania for 4 years, but still came home on many weekends and summers, and we would still frequent our favorite snack bar.

In 1961 we got married and have since lived in Virginia, Maryland, California, and now Colorado. I have one sister who lives in Paramus, NJ, and my wife's mother lives in Montclair, so whenever we come back to New Jersey for a visit, a stop at the Maple Snack Bar, now McCobbs, is part of each and every trip. Having lived far away, we made a number of attempts to duplicate the famous sauce for our hot dogs, some using canned sauces, and some from scratch, but no matter what we came up with, it never was the same. I guess that's why we would always pick up a container or two of the sauce and take it home and treasure it on each of our visits.

While on a visit last fall (October, 1999) I noticed that the sauce is now provided in vacuum sealed jars. I also notice that an attempt is being made to make the sauce available by mail order, or possibly via some type of distribution around the country. I will continue to treasure that original chili sauce and will use whatever method is available to keep getting it. Of course, when I come to New Jersey, a trip to McCobbs will still be on my agenda.

Unfortunately, my wife passed away last year, but our family (7 children, 9 grandchildren) all know the legacy of the Maple Snack Bar and their famous Hot Texas Weiners - All The Way, so McCobbs Chili Sauce will live on and continue to be part of our family's life.

Dick <name withheld>

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