Trout Stocking 4/19/2011
Park, River, and Patio/Deck

McCobb's Aquatic Park provides 450 feet of access to the Ramapo River.

Trout stocking in this section of the river was resumed in 2010 at our request and takes place directly behind our restaurant.

Here are some photos of trout stocking at McCobb's on 4/19/2011.

Also take a look at photos of McCobb's Aquatic Park.

We also have a boat launch if you are interested in boating.

We know how to run a great restaurant — not how to fish. But we've had serious fishermen tell us that the river right behind McCobb's has "structure". We're not 100% sure what that means, but we do understand that the fish like it. And that's why the fishermen like it. So in that case, we like it, too!

In addition to structure, we also offer restrooms and an outdoor patio/deck area that overlooks the river and park. McCobb's Aquatic Park is a great place to spend the day fishing and enjoying the outdoors. You can walk up the bank and grab a coffee or ice cream. Or enjoy a bite to eat on our deck while you keep an eye on your equipment below. We're just letting you know what we have available — you are more than welcome to just stop by, use the facilities, and enjoy yourself. McCobb's Aquatic Park is our way of giving back to the local community. It's our way of saying thank you. And restoring a bit of forgotten history along the banks of the Ramapo River.

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