Tina and Kim in the McCobb's Canoe
Launching a Canoe

McCobb's Aquatic Park features a car-top boat launch for canoes, kayaks, and small fishing boats.

The boat launch is located behind the adjacent Thomas Plaza. Parking and access is free. You may park at Thomas Plaza or McCobb's. Restrooms are located inside McCobb's restaurant.

Don't forget — McCobb's Aquatic Park is a great place for fishing, too.

The Ramapo River is a lazy river and can be easily paddled in both directions. This is ideal for paddlers with only one vehicle. Or, if you prefer a one-way outing, there are several convenient take-out points nearby. Or maybe you have a favorite put-in. McCobb's can serve as the "end of the line" take-out point — you can only paddle a couple hundred yards farther north past McCobb's before you dead-end at the Pompton Falls. Last Stop (or First Stop)... McCobb's Aquatic Park!

The Pequannock River joins the Ramapo River shortly downstream. There is a bird house on a pole at that intersection. If you continue straight, you will eventually dead end at a large spillway. We've canoed right up to that point — it's a big drop-off but the river is slow moving. We did not notice any easy way to portage around it. It's a beautiful area to explore, but do be careful. Now, if you had instead turned right at the bird house, you would be going upstream on the Pequannock River. This will take you past Hershfield Park and eventually to a take-out behind the industrial park on North Corporate Drive off of Riverdale Road.

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