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Ice Cream Bar

Open year-round and featuring Gelotti's brand Premium Hard Ice Cream.

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Ice Cream

Old Fashioned Milkshake

McCobb's old-fashioned milkshakes hand-blended with Gelotti's Homemade Hard Ice Cream.  Over 20 flavors. 

"The Twister"

A blend of soft ice cream and your choice of two mix-ins.

Soft Serve Ice Cream reg large

Vanilla, chocolate, or swirl (vanilla & chocolate).  Cup or cone.

Soft Serve Sundae reg large

Hard Ice Cream sm reg

Gelotti's brand Premium Homemade Hard Ice Cream.  Cup or cone.

Hard Ice Cream Sundae sm reg

Ice Cream Soda soft ice cream  hard ice cream 

Your choice of any soft or hard ice cream with fountain soda or old-fashioned hand-blended soda (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cherry, or orange).

The Top 20 Flavors

Hard Ice Cream

• Vanilla • Pistachio
• Chocolate • Vanilla Peanut Butter
• Chocolate Fudge Crunch • Banana Pudding
• Chocolate Fudge Brownie • Coffee
• Rocky Road • Cherry Vanilla
• Strawberry • Cake Batter
• Chocolate Chip Mint • Vanilla Fudge
• Cookies -n- Cream • Heath Bar Crunch
• Black Raspberry • Pumpkin Pie (seasonal)
• Cookie Dough • Apple Pie (seasonal)
• Butter Pecan  
(okay, so it's more than 20 flavors, but we just couldn't decide!)



Lemon, raspberry, or orange.

Visa, Mastercard, and Discover accepted.  Prices subject to change.
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