Bike Night at McCobb's

McCobb's Bike Night Poster 2012
Monday nights — 6PM to 9PM

Bike Night at McCobb's features a unique blend of attractions and amenities. Extend your weekend fun at our family-friendly Bike Night every Monday night.

Half-price wings all night

Come out and enjoy a plate of 10 hot wings for just $4.99! Order them with our signature homemade McCobb's hot sauce or our milder Chipotle not-so-hot sauce or our very own Memphis BBQ sauce.

You don't need a motorcycle to enjoy our half-price wings!

Family Friendly

We are not a bar. We are an ice cream bar and restaurant. Our Bike Night is family-friendly and kid friendly. You can do bike night with just the guys. Or you can "bring the old lady". Bring the kids, too! They can even meet you there in the car. This is a chance for the whole family to experience what bike night is all about.

[note: bringing the family may help you get Bike Night "approved" by your significant other — we're just saying...]

If you don't have a motorcycle, stop by anyway! Have some wings, check out the bikes, and hang out. If you think bikers are a scary bunch, then you've been watching too many "B" movies!

An economical night out

Between the half-price wings and the bring-your-own beer (and hey, we welcome you to just show up and have fun), Bike Night at McCobb's won't put a dent in your budget.

Enjoy our amenities

We have a riverside patio area and deck which overlooks the scenic Ramapo River. McCobb's Aquatic Park provides 450 feet of access to the Ramapo River right behind the restaurant. Hang out on the deck; take a walk down by the river (and come back another time with your fishing gear or boat). Kids love to feed the resident ducks — "big" kids, too. Duck feed is available in the restaurant. There's plenty of motorcycle parking and outdoor space near the bikes.

Great ice cream is available at the walk-up window of our ice cream bar. And we have a full restaurant inside featuring awesome gourmet burgers. Restrooms are available in the restaurant.

Here are some photos from around McCobb's. Also check out a few photos from our first bike night last year.

P.S. — We ride, too

One of the owners of McCobb's, Spero, rides. He never misses a Bike Night, so stop by and say hello. Spero's brother (and co-owner of McCobb's) Dean doesn't ride a motorcycle, but we keep trying to get him to. Maybe some day!

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