Outdoor Dining

Patio / deck in full bloom

Enjoy your meal or ice cream alfresco on our riverside patio and deck overlooking the lazy Ramapo River and McCobb's Aquatic Park.

Take in the scenic beauty or just relax and enjoy a restful respite from your busy day in our park-like setting. Watch the fishing and boating as you dine.

Feel the warming sunlight on a pleasant spring day as you dine by the riverside. Feel the magic of a warm summer night under the lights as family and friends gather to enjoy good food and good company.

Throw some duck feed out to the resident ducks — they are always nearby and kids love to feed them. They will come over if you call them and throw them some duck feed.

Here are some additional photos of our restaurant and outdoor dining area.

Make memories at McCobb's... "your family fun destination for good food and good times."