Real Value vs. Marketing Hype

Hype This

Some fast food places use hype, slick marketing, and buzz-words to oversell their products. Words like "fresh", "quality", "gourmet", and "homemade" are losing their value as they are tossed about without sincerity. Do those overused words mean anything any more?

Here at McCobb's, we just quietly do our thing. We put out a superior product in a clean, pleasant atmosphere. Really, we do. We work hard at constantly improving our food quality and taste.

Our loyal customers know this. It's what keeps them coming back year after year. But what about everyone else? McCobb's is one of the best-kept secrets in the area! Well, it's time to let the cat out of the bag. But how do we get the word out? Yell fresh, Fresh, FRESH louder than our competition? Use more worn-out buzz-words than our competition?

No. We are just going to continue — a little less quietly — to do our thing. We are going to continue to have an HONEST, intelligent dialog with our discriminating customers. Our new web site will help us get our message out and reach more people. We don't have to hide behind slick marketing propoganda. Actually, the more you know about us, the better you will like us.

So what's the deal?

McCobb's isn't exactly fast food. In fact, we don't even serve it particularly fast. If you want cheap fast food, there are other places you can go to save money. There are three big, well-known fast food chains that will put less of a strain on your piggy bank. But is that what you want to put in your body? Do you also wear the cheapest clothes and drive the cheapest car?

Yes, McCobb's costs a little bit more... or does it? More than what? It's certainly more than cheap but it's also less than what you'd pay at a steakhouse or other casual dining restaurant. Take the family to that popular steakhouse for burgers (which, by the way, is their biggest selling item, not steaks). It will make quite a dent in your pocketbook. Then take the family to McCobb's. We sincerely believe that at McCobb's you will have a better meal that is less expensive. Yes, you have to order at the counter. And no, we don't serve alcohol. But we have a beautiful dining room and outdoor dining on a deck that overlooks the scenic Ramapo River. Our food is outstanding. Our ice cream is amazing. We have so much to offer... at prices that won't break the bank. Just don't confuse us with fast food. We were doing fast food 70 years ago. Yeah. Been there; done that. We've evolved so far beyond fast food.

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