Our Gourmet Burgers

You may remember that famous fast food chain's jingle that began "Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce..." At McCobb's, we hold the hype. We let our food speak for itself.

A while back, we improved the quality of our burgers. We didn't even tell anyone. But people noticed!

We now serve a gourmet blend of beef — short-rib and other choice cuts (80% lean) that you would typically only find in fine dining restaurants. Our gourmet burgers are 100% USDA Choice cuts of beef — fresh, with no fillers or preservatives — obtained from a local butcher. We sampled beef from other less expensive sources, but it just didn't make the grade. Our butcher knows our high quality standards and is able to meet them and work to our specifications. For example, our beef is triple-ground for extra tenderness. An all-natural gourmet blend of beef triple-ground and obtained from a quality-conscious local butcher does cost us a bit more. And quite frankly, we pass that cost along to you. But we feel that the end result is well worth paying a little bit extra for.

This is just one example of how we may look like fast food but we are not. Of how we hold the hype and just quietly serve you the very finest foods possible. Of how when we use words like gourmet and homemade and fresh, we do so with sincerity. We don't hide behind empty marketing slogans and hype. Our food speaks for itself. But only if you stop by and try it! So we are now also using our new web site to get the word out. We feel that the more you know about us, the more you will like us. Not every restaurant can make that claim!

We invite you to stop by and savor the difference!