French Fry Experiment

There's an old adage about not messing with success. We did it anyway! We had a great French fry. We tried to make an even better French fry. Did we succeed? Well, yes and no.

In February 2011 we switched from our perennial favorite crinkle-cut fry to a fresh-cut fry. We bought sacks of whole potatoes, sliced them into fries, soaked them in a specially-made brine, pre-blanched them so they would get crispier and... well, basically, we worked really hard to perfect a labor-intensive, multi-step French fry process that would bring the ULTIMATE French fry to your plate.

Many of our customers absolutely LOVED the new fresh-cut fries (so did we). But many of our customers were disappointed that their favorite crinkle-cut fries that they've enjoyed for so many years were no longer available. And then there were people who loved the new fries but also missed the old fries. What's that other adage about not being able to please everybody?

So, back by popular demand... the crinkle-cut fry. The very same (exact same) ones you've enjoyed for years. And for a limited time, we are also going to serve the fresh-cut fry. We promise to always have our original crinkle-cut fry. And if demand is high enough, we will continue to ALSO serve the fresh-cut fry. Maybe we can please everybody after all.

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